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Delays at the Piatra Olt station

This is the detailed situation of the train delays an the Piatra Olt station. You can also check the information about delays in the major stations.

Delays at the Piatra Olt station

I have estimated, processed and aggregated the delay information in the Piatra Olt station. Here are the results:

In 279 days (2020-08-01 → 2021-05-07), at the Piatra Olt stations, all the delays summed up to a total of 12,001 minutes (8 days).

The daily delay average at the Piatra Olt station was of 43 minutes.

The day with the most delays was the 2020-09-18. A total of 460 minutes of delay was recorded.

The data are for informational purposes only and origin from estimates.
All information refer only to arrivals.

Monthly delays

Here are the monthly delay information for the monitored period (2020-08-01 → 2021-05-07).

# Period Minutes Minutes / day %
1 November 2020 291 10
2 October 2020 4,343 140
3 September 2020 4,105 137
4 August 2020 3,262 105