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Trains arriving to Teremia Banat hc.

There is a total of 10 trains arriving to Teremia Banat hc. on the 22nd of October. Alternatively, you can view the list of trains departing fromTeremia Banat hc..

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Train From Arrival Operator
R 16144 Nerau hcv. 04:18 Regiotrans
R 16145 Lovrin 06:42 Regiotrans
R 16148 Nerau hcv. 07:28 Regiotrans
R 16147 Timisoara Nord 09:54 Regiotrans
R 16150 Nerau hcv. 11:30 Regiotrans
R 16151 Lovrin 16:27 Regiotrans
R 16152 Nerau hcv. 16:54 Regiotrans
R 16153 Timisoara Nord 19:09 Regiotrans
R 16156 Nerau hcv. 19:35 Regiotrans
R 16157 Lovrin 21:53 Regiotrans