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Trains arriving to Ungheni Prut Fr.

There is a total of 6 trains arriving to Ungheni Prut Fr. on the 23rd of May. Alternatively, you can view the list of trains departing from Ungheni Prut Fr..

Train From Arrival Operator
IC 402 Bucuresti Nord 05:02 CFR Calatori
IC 1061 Ungheni Prut Fr. 07:10 CFR Calatori
IC 1062 Iasi 15:05 CFR Calatori
IC 1063 Ungheni Prut Fr. 16:18 CFR Calatori
IC 1064 Iasi 19:58 CFR Calatori
IC 401 Ungheni Prut Fr. 20:47 CFR Calatori